Meet Guest Speaker: Will Coley

Will Coley has worked with libertarians on 3 continents and in at least 12 countries. Men who have screamed their discontent in front of the Saudi palace never to be seen again, and people working to promote digital literacy in Afghanistan through Bitcoin. Roughly 18,000 Turkish libertarians take over a park over free speech restrictions, and Pakistanis set up their own libertarian party. The ideas of liberty are an easy sell, especially if men are willing to risk their lives, families, and property to help spread them in places they are not currently found. The problem is finding the right teachers to bring that message to a public that is searching for it, even if they are blind to that fact.

Coley acted as an adviser for Mr Meinhaj Hussain, the foreign policy adviser for the Imran Khan presidential campaign, and assisted him in pushing Khan in a more “Ron Paul-esque” direction in monetary policy. (also in pakistan) Coley has also worked and organized with libertarian activists in Iran, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Spain, Afghanistan, Egypt, South Africa, Saudi, and Morocco. Working to spread the ideas of liberty in divers places.

He’s spent about 11 years studying Maliki jurisprudence, and another 5 years lecturing on the subject at the university level. He also studied at an “extremist” salafi university through a webCt program for 3 years, purposely learning extremist doctrines, from extremist teachers, to better understand how to tackle the problem on both a social and academic level.

His work has been translated into at least 4 different languages, and passed out in hard copy in at least 7 countries. Muslim libertarian activists on the ground in places like Qatar and Pakistan, risking life and limb to spread the ideas of freedom.

Coley’s most current project is The Call to Freedom, a national and international radio, and satellite broadcast, where they discuss libertarian philosophy with some of the most renowned contemporary Islamic scholars in the world, and then pipe it via a popular satellite feed, to a geographic region home to about 280,000,000 muslims.