Onondaga County Libertarian Party Announces 2017 Candidates

The Libertarian Party Announces Slate of Candidates

Syracuse, NY – The Onondaga County Libertarian Party has endorsed seven candidates for office in 2017.

The OCLP looks to add a 5th horse to Syracuse’s mayoral race, endorsing SyracuseFIRST founder, Chris Fowler. “For too long we have attempted to solve our problems by growing our government instead of growing our community,” said Fowler. “I am honored to accept the Libertarian Party’s endorsement.”

Three Onondaga County Legislator candidates were endorsed, Derek Shepard in District 13, Casey Jordan in District 14 and Will Martin in District 8. “I’m excited to receive this endorsement because I think the Libertarian Party appeals to a lot of people whose opinions do not fit neatly into either of the major party platforms,” said Legislator Shepard.

Legislator Jordan stated, “As a devout advocate for small and non-intrusive government, and as a champion of individual freedoms and liberties, I am extremely honored to receive and accept the endorsement of the Libertarian Party.”

Filling out the slate are Jason Zeigler running for Syracuse City Judge, Councilor Darcie Lesniak running for Town Board in VanBuren and Michael Beshara running for Town Board in Manlius.

“We are very excited to field our very first candidates,” said OCLP Chairman Shawn Hannon. “The Libertarian Party is a growing party, both nationally and statewide, we are now seeing similar growth right here locally.”

For interview requests, please contact shawnOCLP@gmail.com

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