Election 2019: Meet the 6 Syracuse candidates running for 2 at-large council seats – Thomas Babilon & Jason zeigler

THOMAS BABILON – I understand this city’s government and the many ways that it fails its people. For the five years prior to working for the city I practiced criminal defense and for the 14 months since leaving I have primarily practiced in the area of parental neglect. Many of my clients have been indigent and have need my help desperately. I genuinely like to help people. It brings me great personal satisfaction. However, on several occasions while representing the city I was faced with moral dilemmas. The city sometimes attacks people that it really should be trying to assist, treats people of lower means and those who are not politically connected disparagingly different from those who are politically connected or who have the financial means to means to defend themselves. One of the primary reasons that I have run for Common Council is to give those residents a voice, to defend them against wrongful city actions, and in doing so make the city a better place for all to live and work.

JASON ZEIGLER – We need a local government that is more focused on providing basic services. Currently, there is more of a focus on gimmicky, feel-good band-aids at the expense of basic services such as roads, sewer, and water.


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