Run for Office

The OCLP will Support Libertarian Candidates Running for Offices in 2017

The OCLP is reaching out for Libertarian-minded candidates to run for offices in Onondaga County and the City of Syracuse in the 2017 elections on the Libertarian Party line.

Several offices are up for election, including the Mayor of Syracuse and all 13 Onondaga County Legislator seats.

If you are strongly motivated to public service, are convinced that ever-expanding local government costs too much and accomplishes too little, are driven to persuading our fellow citizens that greater reliance on individual freedom, initiative, creativity and innovation is the better way to raise prosperity and quality of life – we want to hear from you.

Our ideal candidate likes people, communicates persuasively, listens as well as speaks, learns as well as teaches, can focus on the most relevant issues on the voters’ minds, will understand and can explain complex subjects and is committed to the core Libertarian objectives of reducing the size and scope of local government and increasing its effectiveness.

Can you provide the time, enthusiasm and commitment to winning in order to make this a better place for every resident of Onondaga County?

If so, the OCLP will provide you logistical support, issues research, talking papers, media contacts, petitioning assistance, volunteers, fundraising guidance and coordination with fellow candidates and their campaigns.

If this feels like you (or someone you know) or you’d like to discuss it further, email Shawn Hannon, Onondaga County Libertarian Party Chairman at